About the Special Projects & Decentralized Engineering Company (SPADE)


The Special Projects and Decentralized Engineering Company is a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation. It was founded in 2018 by Brooklyn Zelenka and Boris Mann.

The purpose of the company is to:

support individuals and small teams building sustainable open source projects

Making open source work

We believe that the creation, maintenance, and distribution of open source software is valuable.

We believe we can work with individuals and small teams in developing non-commercial infrastructure that avoids the tragedy of the commons.

We believe that people around the world can make open source a job.


  • Technology: research & development, implementation, training
  • Operations: hiring, benefits, legal
  • Finance: accounting, sponsorship, grants
  • Community: messaging, documentation, activation
  • Events: management, sponsorship, facilitation

Are you an individual or small technical team looking for support in managing a worldwide team, dealing with company formation, grant writing, accounting, community management or anything else to help your open source project succeed?

Are you a company that wants to support open source, international contributors, or explore the themes we're talking about here?

Please get in touch directly at hello@spade.builders.

Read more in our founding blog post.